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Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, RMC is a government approved gynecological and obstetric centre that specializes in healthcare services for women, offering a wide range of sub-specialties, which include, but are not limited to, fertility problems, menopause and high-risk pregnancies. RMC has provided care and nurturing for more than 40 years as a women and children’s hospital.

Founded in 1979, Roopi Medical Centre has, and continues to operate full time to ensure the need of every patient is catered to with exemplary treatment. Professional doctors, nurses and nursing aides who strive to provide service of exceptional quality operate Roopi Medical Centre. In addition to being well-trained and licensed professionals, our employees possess an exceptional amount of experience in serving women and children, having been in the healthcare for over four decades. RMC is here to deliver family-oriented, specialized obstetric services, as well as gynecological care and newborn expertise to support you and your family throughout your pregnancy.

Our aim is to ensure our patients feel safe and comfortable in the environment we have built, through years of dedication and hard work. We listen to your concerns and provide highly efficient solutions with one-on-one treatment guaranteed to leave you satisfied. RMC’s tradition of excellence offers the assurance you need and care you expect when delivering your baby. With uncompromising excellence and a commitment to care, your health is our mission.

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